Warranty Registration

Providing complete confidence, all NFC Blanks have a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the original registered owner. If an NFC blank broken for any reason, the solution is to repair or replace it quickly and without any hassle to get anglers back on the water. We will repair or replace, at no cost, any product damaged due to faulty workmanship or manufacturing defects. This is typically evident within the few uses, and we will replace at no cost within 180 days. (In cases outside of 60 days a $35 Domestic/$75 international shipping fee will apply) It is the responsibility of the rod builder to stress test the blanks prior to building a rod. If a blank breaks during a stress test prior to the build, we will replace your blank or refund your purchase. NFC will NOT provide refunds after the blank is built (broken or not) but is able to provide replacement sections or new blanks if the rod looks like it broke on the “first use”. The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, theft, accidents, or abuse; however, for a nominal fee, we will provide replacement parts.

For claims older than 6 months the following fees will apply:

Delta Blanks $35 + Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

SM Blanks $45 + Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

IM Blanks $55 + Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

HM Blanks $65 + Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

X-Ray Blanks $75 + Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

Fly Blank Sections : $MSRP / 4 +Shipping ($35 Domestic, $75 Canada)

Examples of blank defects are available on our main page under the “Rod Failure” Section, if a blank has been used for many months and caught fish, it is not a defect, and the resulting break is due to user error in 99% of cases.