Our blanks have a soul! Why? NEXGEN LMX materials allow for the best possible blanks. All of our materials have gone through a vigorous update. North Fork Composites constantly strives for the ultimate performance, so it is imperative that all of our materials move through the collective team of experienced personnel. This proficiency has been proven through the production of thousands of blanks and several decades. Materials are kept in climate-controlled environments making every process integral to the success of the overall product. Whether it’s an exclusive unidirectional carbon veil or machinery designed and assembled by Gary Loomis, rest assured that you are getting NFC’s best. One would say that we are obsessive in making sure that only the best have NFC stamp of approval.

Our LMX-LAMBDA material is one of the lightest, most sensitive materials available in the industry today. It is a proprietary blend of pure aerospace grade Toray carbon-fiber with paper carbon scrim (PCS) that is sure to astound you. This is due to the intricate configurations to create the ultimate sensitive and light blank. Weight is a deterrent to performance, and this material is performance-minded. When feel and weight are the demands, our LMX-LAMBDA delivers.

Our LMX-PSI is often referred to as “high modulus” by other manufacturers, but we know that there are many “high modulus” materials, some higher than others. It’s one of the main reasons we are steering away from talking about modulus in any of our material descriptions. This durable yet sensitive aerospace Toray carbon-fiber offers the best of both worlds. Combining resilience and sensitivity, this material is a crowd pleaser. Premium Toray fiber is combined with a proprietary resin system with a unique design spec to drive LMX-PSI. This is quickly becoming a preferred choice due to the perfect balance of weight, performance, and affordability.

North Fork Composites does not follow standards. We set them. Our LMX-GAMMA goes beyond standard protocol and is locally sourced in Washington, USA. Gary Loomis first started his research and testing of carbon-fiber with Boeing scientists in the mid-1970’s. With an unparalleled advantage in depth of knowledge and partnership in the local aerospace industry, we are able to source similar Toray fiber pre-preg to build our tubes. Made to perform in the harshest of environments and to withstand the high demands of the toughest fisheries, LMX-GAMMA simultaneously provides the thrill of performance. LMX-GAMMA perfectly balances ruggedness and reactivity, at the most affordable price.

Ever committed to advancing our mantra “weight is a deterrent to performance,” North Fork Composites has done it again: Lighter. Stronger. Flex. Enter LMX-DELTA. Made up of the perfect trifecta of materials, the next pivot in action and performance has arrived. DELTA combines three technologically advanced materials to make one hybrid of graphite and glass, forming seamless junctions between materials minimizing inter-laminate sheering and adding flex. By combining our carbon-fiber LMX-PSI and LMX-LAMBDA with Zentron, an advance in S-2 fiberglass and an exclusive to NFC, naturally, some of the brittle nature of graphite is removed, adding the smooth flexibility of glass. Remarkably, the recovery of Zentron is nearly identical to graphite. DELTA simultaneously removes weight while adding strength, making this a destined combination. Designed lightweight and strong, specifically developed for aerospace to withstand impact at high velocity, its durability, strength and dramatic stiffness add a whole new dimension to rod blanks. Think Helicopter blades and Stealth Aircraft meet NFC precision fishing tools. NFC is now building lighter blanks with increased muscle and grace with LMX-DELTA. Change has come. Again.